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Malls are now everywhere and they have a very good reason to be there. People go to malls for shopping, dining, spending some leisure time with family, for movies, entertainment and so much more. With so many malls sprung up, you need to be a bit different while introducing your new ideas of a mall to the people.

Edgecube team excels at carrying out the various strategies required for a mall, gym or a club activation. A gym and club are not far behind, when it comes to popularity. Amidst all the mushroomed up gyms and clubs, you need to tell why yours is different; and that's what Edgecube does for you. Try out Edgecube teams tried and tested strategies for Mall, gym and club activation and prepare to welcome new members for your new place.

About Edge Cube

We are an event assistance company with a team of skilled craftsmen who transcend your brand's presence to exhibition and visual merchandise.
We plan by understanding the objective of your brand and deliver yield results. With immaculate research and development we use the perfect kind of material that will gauge the maximum eyeballs and deliver value for money. [...]

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